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extra 1/3 mineral lick block

extra 1/3 mineral lick block

High performance for animals means: High mineral consumption. The special economic significance of your animals in fattening, dairy farming or sports thus demands a reliable and sufficient mineral supply.

The SOLSEL® extra 1/3 Mineral lick blocks are manufactured from pure rock or vacuum salt in a special compacting procedure. The stability of the blocks is the result of long test series and constant hardness tests. This guarantees high weather-resistance and consistent, regular consumption by the animal.

  • GMP+ certified
  • Recognized by QS
  • Suitable for organic farming (only rock salt lick block)
  • Covers 1/3 of the daily requirement of essential trace elements

SOLSEL® extra 1/3 Mineral lick blocks are especially suitable for animals with high economic significance for their owners. Young stock in the growing stage, lactating cows, sport horses or grazing animals in certain areas (e.g. alpine pasture grazing) are in danger of trace element deficiency due to high performance or very low quantities of minerals in their surroundings..

SOLSEL® extra 1/3 Mineral lick blocks were developed under the aspects of nutritional science and simplify feeding, as one third of the daily requirement of the vital trace elements zinc, manganese, iron, iodine, cobalt, copper and selenium is already covered. The recommended maximum values are met reliably.



  • Sodium chloride, calcium magnesium carbonate, trace elements

  • Sodium 36%
  • Calcium 1.2 %
  • Magnesium 0.1 %
  • Zinc from zinc oxide 8.250 mg/kg
  • Manganese from manganese-(ll)-oxide 6.600 mg/kg
  • Copper from copper-(ll)-oxide 1.650 mg/kg
  • Iron from iron-(lll)-oxide 560 mg/kg
  • Iodine from calcium iodate 100 mg/kg
  • Selenium from sodium selenite 25 mg/kg

  • "In accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 and 889/2008 suitable for organic farming"
  • Rock salt: Certified by DE-039-ÖKO-Inspection body
  • 0% products with agricultural origin
  • Transport units are euro pallets
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