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Salt lick block Wild animals

Lickstone for wild animals / game

The special recipe for our SOLSEL® Wild Lickblock was developed together with our technical application department and supported by extensive field test. The SOLSEL® Wild Lickblock contains essential minerals especially for game.

Wild and fenced deer often suffer from mineral deficiency. A lack of salt and minerals can result in reduced body weight and poor reproduction. A salt deficiency is expressed by licking foreign objects or even road salt in winter and can lead to a loss in appetite, reduced body weight, rough coat, poor reproduction and a decreased disease resistance. The need for salt differs per animal and is dependent on many unsure and uncontrollable factors. The natural nutrition of wild game does often not fulfill the mineral and trace element needs of the animals.

Our special lick for wild contains besides 100% natural salt and specific trace elements that promote growth and a good appetite.

They contain a high percentage of trace elements like zinc, iron, iodine and selenium to ensure some consistency in their levels of nutrient intake. Zinc and selenium are especially important for good bone and cartilage developement resulting in optimal antler size for deer and moose.
Our SOLSEL® Wild Lickblock is moisture resistant and has a stable shape.



  • sodium chloride
  • calciumcarbonate

  • sodium 38%
  • calcium 0,8%
  • magnesium0,1%
  • zinc from zincoxide 1250 mg/kg
  • manganese from manganese-(ll)-oxide 1250 mg/kg
  • iron from iron-(lll)-oxide 1000 mg/kg
  • iodine from calciumiodate 150 mg/kg
  • selenium from sodiumselenite 25 mg/kg

  • Delivery units are euro pallets with 10 kg blocks
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