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SOLSEL® - the Brand

SOLSEL® - the New Brand for Animal Lick Blocks

esco - european salt company, Hannover, has recently launched a new generation of lick blocks branded SOLSEL®. Made from either rock or vacuum salt in a special compression procedure, they have been thoroughly tested and permanently improved to the extent that they are sufficiently weatherproof and long-lasting to be well suited for their application in animal nutrition in the open air.

In animal husbandry, lick blocks play an important role as simple and inexpensive nutrition. Besides the essential sodium chloride that is only insufficiently available in most kinds of basic feed, they also provide indispensable and performance-enhancing minerals, such as magnesium and calcium as well as the important trace elements zinc, cobalt, iron, iodine, selenium and copper.

"The general effects of certain minerals to the animal organism are well researched," states Eike N. Riedel, Product Manager for animal feed and lick blocks at esco. "The individual need of minerals, though, varies with every animal due to the differences in basic feeding, the performance demanded, as well as its own personal predisposition. Instinctively, the animal uses the lick blocks to help itself until its needs are satisfied."

The new salt lick blocks are tailored in size and weight particularly to cattle, horses, sheep, goats and pigs as well as bigger game. The 5 kg or 10 kg or 25 kg blocks are suited for ecological farming and available with various ingredients.
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